Zalto Universal Wine Glass | Pack of 1

    • The Zalto Universal Glass is the best starter glass for those who are just beginning to find their love for wines of all camps. Experienced consumers will also find value in the flexibility one glass can offer while it still remaining an elegant and unique addition to their glassware collection

    • A single shipping charge of HKD 100 will apply to orders of less than 6 glasses.
    • Delicious Dimensions:

      Volume | 235 ml Height | 530 mm
      • Chardonnay
      • Riesling
      • Chianti
      • Merlot

        Zalto glassware provides an unparalleled experience for a wine lover of any pedigree. Hand crafted and showcasing family techniques perfected over six generations, these mouth blown masterpieces are lead free, dishwasher safe and robust enough to be used for your every day needs.
    • Learn More About Zalto's Commitment to Hand Crafted Elegance

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