Cuvée Noir 80% Extra Dark 70g

Cuvee Chocolate | Artisanal Chocolate to Pair With Wine & Fine Spirits

Cuvée Noir tells with most eloquence the story of blending cocoa from terrains and climates as diverse as Cuba, Belize and North Africa into perfect harmony.

Although quite masculine and bold in its appearance at first, it unfolds into a composition of tropical fruit and toasty undertones with such ease, you will have to remind yourself that you are tasting what is indeed an 80% chocolate.

Suggested Wine Pairing

Shiraz, Cabernet

Cuvée Chocolate was established in Melbourne in 2014 when Chocolatier and Master Pastry Chef Deniz Karaca decided to pursue his long standing dream and start creating hand crafted premium pure chocolate bars that could be paired with wine and spirits without compromising either.


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