Niulife Creamed Coconut – Certified Organic

Simply put, this is the most versatile product you currently don't have in your kitchen. Made by creaming naturally dried organic coconut flesh, this condiments lends a serious richness a variety of dishes. Great as a dairy-free coffee creamer, topping on granola or simply dip in your favourite cookies at tea time. An amazing low sugar alternative to icing your home bakery and pastries with. Our personal favorite is to drizzel on warm apple pie....yum!


  • contains 500g of organic creamed coconut 
  • dairy free
  • gluten free

  • This product also lends a hands in thickening curries, sauces and soups and easily makes the most satisfying hot chocolate by melting into milk and cocoa. Dedicated to the ethical production of premium organic coconut products, Niulife is a driving force behind some of the most trusted coconut products today

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