Long Table Långbord Akvavit, 42% ABV | 750ml

Made in a traditional Scandinavian style, this award-winning handcrafted Akvavit is copper-pot distilled in small batches.

Långbord Akvavit gets its characteristic notes from six hand-picked botanicals which include caraway, fennel, anise and a Seville orange. The nose is greeted by complex liquorice and orange notes but a smooth, sweet finish of lingering marmalade and prevailing herbal notes on the palate. When served from the freezer, its thicker viscosity makes Långbord Akvavit an inviting aperitif and/or digestif and the perfect base for a variety of creative craft cocktails.

Suggested uses: Perfect served as a traditional Scandinavian shot, this smooth spirit finds its way into a host modern cocktails. Visit our Craft Cocktail page for more ideas.

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