East Van Jam Corvid Currant With Juniper 250ml

  • Whats Inside?
    • 250ml of low - sugar spreadable joy
    • Great with dark toast, crackers and earthy cheeses such as goats. 
  • This ornery Corvid chooses his own flight path and he suffers no fools. His strong flavours collide to keep the weaker types at a wingspan: ruddy Juniper undertones carry the bold, tart black currant aloft.

  • With gourmet flavour pairings suitable for savoury and sweet preparations and a mere fraction of the sugar compared to other jams, East Van Jam produces cheeky guilt-free spreads inspired by the delicious variety of produce and personalities which make East Vancouver so unique. Made locally with ONLY all natural British Columbian produce the jams reflect the changing seasons of Canada’s most eclectic region.

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