Coconut Crazy

An amazing array of pristine, certified organic coconut products with a range of applications you will love to discover.
    • 1 x 500ml WILD Virgin Coconut Oil – Certified Organic & fair-trade from Coconut Matter
    • 1 x 500g Niulife Creamed Coconut – Certified Organic
    • 1 x 320g Niulife Coconut Chocolate Spread – Certified Organic
    • 1 x 250ml Niulife Coconut Amino Acid Sauce – Certified Organic

      The Crafted 852 "In A Box" provides a high quality gifting solution, perfect for any occasion. Each box has been lovingly prepared featuring an array of unique food and lifestyle items depending on your box's theme. Featuring clean branding, quality packaging materials and thoughtful design; these boxes are intended to impress for less.

Personal & Corporate Gifting
      Don't just gift, send an experience and let us make your first impression for you.

    Each Gift Box includes complementary:
    • Packing list detailing the origin and back story of each item
    • Limited addition postcard art from emerging Hong Kong artists
    • Easy to follow recipes for use at home
    • A hip greeting card featuring a personalized message with your name
    • Corporate clients can enjoy additional savings, product customization and the application of corporate branding with orders of 10 units of mor

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