Cuvée Bianco 30% White Chocolate 70g

Cuvee Chocolate | Artisanal Chocolate to Pair With Wine & Fine Spirits

A white chocolate that proudly tells the tale of full cream milk married to a vanilla bean extraordinaire.

It’s this ever powerful presence of Tongan bourbon vanilla that makes the Bianco a white chocolate experience like no other…

Add a 48 hour conching process -  and et voila, the white chocolate that even the sternest dark chocolate connoisseur will not be able to resist

Suggested Wine Pairing

Sémillon, Sparkling, Moscato, Rosé, Botrytis

Cuvée Chocolate was established in Melbourne in 2014 when Chocolatier and Master Pastry Chef Deniz Karaca decided to pursue his long standing dream and start creating hand crafted premium pure chocolate bars that could be paired with wine and spirits without compromising either.


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